Loans Savings Fees Share Certificates

Effective as of: 08/15/2017
Returned Checks $32.00
Outgoing $25.00
Incoming $15.00
International Wires
Money Orders $2.50
Cashiers Check to Third Party $5.00
Counter Checks$2.00 per page
Verbal Telephone Transfer $5.00
Excess Share Withdrawal Fee $5.00 per withdrawal in excess of 4 per month

(Transfers do not count as withdrawals.)

Stale Check Fee $25.00
Outstanding Checks over 180 days, open account - void/redeposit
Returned Deposit Item $32.00
*Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee $7.00
Outgoing Faxes $2.00
Telephone Balance Inquiry $1.00
Account Printout $1.00 per page
*Account Balancing Fee $20.00 per hour
Inactive Savings Account Fee $5.00 per month on account balances of $350.00 or less. No activity for 6 months.
Inactive Checking Account Fee $5.00 per month on account balances of $100.00 or less. No activity for 6 months.
Share Draft Account Closure Fee $35.00
Debit Card Replacement Fee $10.00
ACH insufficient funds $32.00
ACH origination $5.00
ACH stop payment $30.00
Account Research $25.00 per hour
Legal Process $75.00 per IRS Levy, State Levy, Suggestion, Initial Garnishment
Overnight Fees UPS market rate of carrier
Overnight Fees UPS Saturday market rate of carrier
2nd Day Priority Mail Postal Service market rate of carrier
Carfax history $15.00
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Bill Payment Fee Overdraft $32.00
Draft stop payment fee $30.00 per item ($100.00 for complete book)
Courtesy Pay Fee (If service used) $32.00 per item
Safe Deposit Box Fees $25.00 5x5
$27.00 3x10
$35.00 5x10
$55.00 10x10
Safe Deposity Box Replacement Key $35.00
Safe Deposit Box Re-drilled $125.00
Safe Deposit Box Lock Change $100.00
Bad Address/Undeliverable Mail $5.00 per month
Non-Member Notary $5.00
Account Verification Fee $25.00 (Requests for written verification of account information from other institutions or agencies
Share Draft Check Copies $5.00 per check after five
Statement Copy $1.00 per page
Check Cashing fees $3.50 with Share Draft and no matching funds
**$5.00 with share and not matching funds.
Non-member check cashing fee **$25.00
** Must be US Treasury or Certified Payroll Check to cash**
Non-member on-us check cashing fee $5.00
Check-by-phone $20.00 per call
Paper Statement Fee $1.00 per statement
Debit Card Pull/Rush Fee $55.00
Debit/Credit By Phone $20.00
Check-by-phone $20.00 per call
Mobile Deposit Item Return $32.00
IRA Account Transfer Fee $50.00 to another institution
*Loan, Share, and Share Draft fees are covered in their appropriate policies.
*All fees may be changed at the President's discretion