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Elan Visa Credit Card/Regular Visa Payments

Interested in our applying for a VISA credit card? Click here to apply online or contact one of our local branches for more information.

We also offer VISA Debit cards and VISA Reloadable Cards for your convenience.

Lost or Stolen Star USA FCU Debit or HELOC VISA Card???
IMMEDIATELY call 1-800-449-7728 to report your card lost or stolen!!!!

Lost or Stolen Regular VISA Credit Card??
Call 1-866-552-8855

To make Payments on your VISA Accounts, click on the links above!!!

Fraud - Protect Yourself from Plastic Card Fraud

With so many ways to use your credit or debit cards to make purchases these days, it is very important to be aware of what you can do to keep your information and accounts private. Star USA FCU has put together the following suggestions that may help you keep your plastics safe.

Plastics fraud can't always be prevented, but you as a consumer can protect yourself in many ways by following some of the safety tips we have provided above. Keep the risk of being a fraud victim to a minimum and protect your cards, private information and accounts. It only takes a moment to be smart and protect yourself from fraud.