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Star USA Federal Credit Union  9/14/22
▫Loan RatesFirst in your community!Visit us at
Loan TypeRequirementsMaximum TermAnnual Rate
Visa Classic/GoldNo Annual Fee27
Share Secured2.5% over share secured rate
New Vehicles100% of Sticker
* Subtract 0.10% for ACH or Payroll Deduction48As low as 3.75%**
year of vehicle, equity in vehicle and mileage of vehicle66As low as 4.14%**
72As low as 4.45%**
84As low as 5.30%**
New RV's100% of Sticker
* Subtract 0.10% for ACH or Payroll Deduction48As low as 4.35%**
** Rates may vary based on credit qualifications, term of loan, year of vehicle, equity in vehicle and mileage of vehicle.60As low as 4.50%**
Add 1% on Powersport RV's (Motorcycle, ATV, Jet Ski, UTV)61-84As low as 4.75%**
$25K+ 120As low as 5.09%**
$25K+ 180As low as 5.19%**
Used Vehicles100% NADA value
(Auto or Truck)2014-202148As low as 3.79%**
* Subtract 0.10% for ACH or66As low as 4.19%**
payroll deduction72As low as 4.79%**
$30,000 or greater84As low as 5.45%**
**Rates/Term/Loan Amount
may vary based on credit2013 and older48As low as 4.95%**
qualifications, year of vehicle,60As low as 5.50%**
equity in vehicle and mileage$15K+ 72As low as 6.25%**
of vehicle
Used RV's80% of NADA value
* Subtract 0.10% for ACH or60As low as 5.65%**
payroll deduction84As low as 5.95%**
**Rates may vary based on$30,000 or greater120As low as 6.25%**
credit qualifications, term of
loan, year of vehicle, equity in
vehicle and mileage of vehicle
Unsecured Loan60As low as 11.49%**
(Based on years of service and credit qualifications up to $12,000 maximum)
Specialty (Vacation/Christmas, etc)12As low as 9.49%**
***Rate based on credit qualifications
New and Used Farm EquipmentNew up to 606.40%
Used up to 488.25%
▫All rates subject to change
Star USA Federal Credit Union  9/28/22 
*Mortgage RatesVisit us at
*All rates subject to change
Mortgage (First/Refinance or purchase)95% Max**180Call for Quote
**All loans above 80% requires PMI. Cash out refinance loans are 80% Max.95% Max**240Call for Quote
95% Max**360Call for Quote
1/1 Adjustable Rate Mortgage80% max3603.95%
5/1 Adjustable Rate Mortgage90% max3604.95%
5 Year Balloon80% max3605.25%
*These rates are for loans $30,000 and greater.
Add 1.00% to rate for loans less than $30,000
Equity Line of Credit80% appraised value3004.25%
(Variable Rate)
Second Fixed Rate Mortgage80% appraised value60as low as 5.90% **
($75,000 maximum)84as low as 6.35% **
** Rates/Term/Loan Amount may vary120as low as 7.10% **
based on credit qualifications and equity180as low as 7.90% **
Unimproved Property80% appraised value1207.45%
Star USA Federal Credit Union        
*Savings Rates*Effective September 1, 2022
* All rates subject to change.
Share TypeAPY**
Regular Shares0.00%
Super Shares0.05%
Share Plus ($2,500 - $49,999)0.15%
Share Plus (greater than $50,000)0.25%
**All Club and Premium Money Markets must have a 5 Star or Silver Star Checking**
Club Level Money Market ($5,000 - $49,999) **0.10%
Club Level Money Market ($50,000 +) **0.15%
Premium Money Market ($0-24,999) **0.05%
Premium Money Market ($25,00 - $99,999) **0.10%
Premium Money Market ($100,000+) **0.15%
Share Certificates
Any Silver Star 55+ or 5 Star Member
Can add 0.15% to any new Certificate with a 2-year term or higher or 0.05% for all others.*
3 Months*0.15%
6 Months*0.25%
1 Year*0.95%
1 year* ($50,000 Minimum)1.25%
2 Year*1.05%
3 Year*1.26%
3 Year* ($50,000 Minimum)1.99%
5 Year*1.99%
IRA & Roth IRA Share0.10%
Health Savings Accounts0.10%
IRA/Roth/Education 1 yr CD0.95%
IRA/Roth/Education 2 yr CD1.10%
IRA/Roth/Education 3 yr CD1.35%
IRA/Roth/Education 5 yr CD1.99%
Coverdell ESA0.20%
Holiday Club0.05%
Vacation Club0.05%
Business Draft0.05%
**These rates reflect the Annual Percentage Yield and are presented for the member's information only.
Please contact the credit union for disclosures and account details
Fee Description Fee Important Information
Returned  – Deposited Check $35.00  
Outgoing Faxes $2.00  
Wire Fee – Outgoing $25.00  
Wire Fee – Incoming $15.00  
Cashiers Check Fee $5.00  
Counter Checks $2.00 Per Page
Stale Check Fee $25.00  
Telephone Transfer Fee $5.00  
Telephone Balance Inquiry $1.00  
Excessive Withdrawal Fee $5.00 Per withdrawal, after 4 withdrawals per month
Money Orders $2.50  
Inactive Account Fee – Shares $5.00 Per month, No activity for 6 months AND balances Less than $500
Inactive Account Fee – Checking $5.00 Per month, No activity for 6 months AND balances Less than $300
Account Printout Fee $1.00 Per Page
Statement Copy Fee $5.00 Per Page
Undeliverable Mail – Bad Address $5.00 Per Month
Notary Fee – Non Member $5.00  
Account Balancing Fee $20.00  
Account Verification Fee $25.00  
Remote Check Fee $0.50 Per item fee
Account Research Fee $50.00 Per Hour
Legal Process / IRA Levy $75.00  
Coin Machine Fee  —–> 3% if over $35
Coin Machine Fee – Non Members  —–> 7% of Total
Coin Machine Fee – Under 17 Years Old  —–> NONE
Check Copy Fee $5.00 Per Check, after 5 Checks
Safety Deposit Box Fee  5×5 $25.00  
Safety Deposit Box Fee  3×10 $27.00  
Safety Deposit Box Fee  5×10 $35.00  
Safety Deposit Box Fee  10×10 $55.00  
Safety Deposit Box – Key Replacement $35.00  
Safety Deposit Box – Lock Change $100.00  
Safety Deposit Box – Re-drilled $125.00  
Check Cashing Fee $3.50 With Draft account and no matching funds
Check Cashing Fee $5.00 With Share account and no matching funds
Non-Member Check Cashing Fee $25.00 Must be US Treasury Check or Certified Payroll Check
Paper Statement Fee $1.00  
Check by Phone $20.00  
CarFax $15.00 Free with loan
Skip -a- Pay $30.00  
IRA Account Transfer Fee $50.00 To Another Financial Institution
Early Withdrawal Penalty  —–> Contact a Member Service Representative
ACH Fees    
ACH NSF Fee $35.00  
ACH Courtesy Pay Fee $35.00  
ACH Stop Payment Fee $30.00  
ACH Overdraft Protection Xfr Fee $7.00  
ACH Origination Fee $5.00  
Draft Fees    
Share Draft NSF Fee $35.00  
Share Draft Courtesy Pay Fee $35.00  
Share Draft Stop Payment Fee $30.00  
Share Draft Overdraft Protection Xfr Fee $7.00  
Share Draft Closure Fee $35.00  
Check Ordering Fee  —–> Contact a Member Service Representative
Business Checking Account Fee  —–> Contact a Member Service Representative
Debit Card Fees    
Debit Card NSF Fee $35.00  
Debit Card Courtesy Pay Fee $35.00  
Debit Card Stop Payment  —–> Contact a Member Service Representative
Debit Card Overdraft Protection Xfr Fee $7.00  
Debit Card Replacement Fee $10.00  
Debit Card Rush Fee $55.00  
Star Online    
Star Online – Bill Pymt Overdraft $35.00  
Mobile Check Deposit – Return Fee $35.00  
Prepaid / Reloadable Visa $7.95  
 All Fees Subject to Change at the President’s Discretion    
3 month CD*0.15%0.15%
6 month CD*0.25%0.25%
1 year CD*0.95%0.95%
1 year CD* ($50,000 Minimum)1.24%1.25%
2 year CD*1.05%1.05%
3 year CD*1.25%1.26%
3 year CD* (Type 3S-Minimum $50,000)1.97%1.99%
5 year CD1.97%1.99%
*Any Silver Star 55+ or 5 Star Member can add 0.15% to any new Certificate with a two-year term or higher and 0.05% for all others.
IRA/Roth IRA Share0.10%0.10%
Health Savings Accounts0.10%0.10%
IRA/Roth/Coverdell ESA 1 yr. Certificate0.95%0.95%
IRA/Roth/Coverdell ESA 2 yr. Certificate1.09%1.10%
IRA/Roth/Coverdell ESA 3 yr. Certificate1.34%1.35%
IRA/Roth/Coverdell ESA 5 yr. Certificate1.97%1.99%
Coverdell ESA0.20%0.20%
Vacation Club0.05%0.05%
Holiday Club0.05%0.05%
Share Draft Checking0.00%0.00%
Business Draft0.05%0.05%