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Bill Payments

Save time and stress and money paying your bills on-line with online bill pay. You can schedule your bill payments in advance, then relax knowing that every scheduled payment is guaranteed to arrive on time! Bill pay is free to all Star USA home banking users.

  • Schedule payments in advance
  • Payments guaranteed on time
  • Pay bills anywhere, 24 hours a day
  • Secure, online connection
  • No stamps to buy, no envelopes to lick
  • Pay all bills from one screen
  • Receive and pay electronic bills, too!
  • Pay anyone, even the babysitter!
  • 24/7 toll-free member support at 1-855-541-8829.

Bill Payer is accessible within Home Banking. Setup is easy and takes less than 3 minutes for the payee. All you need to get
started is a few minutes to register your account information and payees. Remember to have your paper bills handy when you
enter your payees!

If you are not already a Home Banking user click here to get started!

Already using Home Banking? Get started today by logging in and clicking on the Bill Payment button.

Money Orders

A money order is guaranteed money just like cash. The fee for a money order is $2.50 each and each can be made for up to $1000.00.

Wire Transfers

The Credit Union has the ability to send and receive wire transfers. Should you need to wire money from your Credit Union account to another financial institution all we would need is the receiving financial institutions wiring instructions. You also need to sign and complete the Wire Transfer – Outgoing Request form and the fee for an outgoing wire is $25.00. If you would need to wire money from another financial institution to your Credit Union account all you would need are our wiring instructions and there is a $15.00 fee for the Credit Union to receive an incoming wire.

ACH & Electronic Funds

The ACH network allows funds to be automatically debited or credited to a company’s or individual’s deposit account(i.e., checking or savings accounts). ACH transactions are transmitted with information including the account holder name, financial institution routing number, account number, amount and date of transaction.

Payroll Deductions

Payroll deductions allow money to be brought into the Credit Union from your payroll check. You may have deposits into any of your accounts and you can also have money applied to your loan payments. This money will come right from your check and applied to the designated accounts. To have payroll deductions you need to complete the Payroll Deduction Authorization and send to the credit union.

Payroll Deposit

This service allows you to have your entire paycheck deposited into your account with the Credit Union. If you have your check direct deposited you do not have to worry with the hassle of waiting in lines to deposit your payroll check; it is done for you automatically. You may have the deposit go straight into your Share Draft/Checking account or your Share/Savings account. To start your direct deposit all you need to do is complete the Authorization for Credit Union Deposit of Payroll Check and forward to your payroll department. You may also be able to give your payroll department our Routing Number and your account number and they will be able to start the deposits for you.

Auto Response Teller

This feature allows you to access your account 24 hours a day from any touch tone telephone. You have the ability to check rates, transfer money between your accounts, and check balances on all of your accounts. This service is provided for you at no cost. To have this option available to your account complete the ART 24 Application and forward to the Credit Union. A PIN number will be assigned and that will allow you to access your account.

Remote Check Deposit

Don’t interrupt your life to make a special trip to the credit union to deposit a check.

Ask about Star USA’s remote deposit feature. All you need to do is take a picture of the check.

It’s that easy – click it – send it – it’s deposited!

Request an application today.*

*Certain restrictions may apply.